We regularly collaborate with other designers, engineers and consultants from around the world. We have good working relationships with many of the leading consultancy firms in London and Paris.

We are accustomed to working with French and British contractors and explaining the required quality expected at an international level and the importance of time scale.

The practice’s vision, modern and positive, is based on a local knowledge of the urban context, landscape, environmental, technical, social and historical aspects. It is reinforced by a quality management system that relies not only on pragmatic procedures and the implementation of powerful building tools (Building Information Modelling) but also on the involvement, training and development of employees. Respectful of the environment, Reid Brewin Architects also has an environmental quality management approach and promotes compliance with sustainable standards.

Reid Brewin Architects is registered with the Ordre des Architectes in France and has obligatory PI insurance with the MAF. The partners are also registered with the RIBA in the UK. We have worked on multiple LEED AP and BREEAM accredited buildings.

Our Quality Management System combines quality control, support systems and evaluation of implemented processes to ensure that we work in the most effective way possible to improve our services in line with customer expectations. For Reid Brewin Architects, client satisfaction is of primary importance and forms the cornerstone of our management policy for all of our projects.

Certified ISO 9001

We have quality management systems in place to keep us efficient and organised. We realise the importance of informing our clients at every step of the process. Client satisfcation is a key reason for all that we do.

Certified ISO 14001

We are an architectural practice that is aware of our responsibility towards sustainable development and we aim to minimise our impact on the environment and raise awareness in our projects technical skills.